There are many instances where client has target media but no idea to tap on due to not having adequate information on targeting the media. That is why PR Professionals started creating road map by calling it PR plan for the client to show them the modus operandi of their work.

There are many activities before approaching media like creating a company or spoke person profile to share it with journalists.

Media List- Making media list for targeting the right media for the client for industry stories. There are many social media handles where journalist share the beat which they cover for the publication. Which makes little easy work for getting to about the journalist name and email id.

Content- There are many ways to know about the trending ideas as per industry and the client. So that we can draft the content according to its market and publication policy.  Writing minimum 3 stories with different types of idea so that we have the chance to present every aspect of the client before its target audience. Because it takes a lot of patience and time for print agencies to carry the content. That is why it is not a cakewalk to get cover immediately on print/Online and electronic media.

Using social media handles- After covering, share your articles and stories with your social media audiences. It is required to promote them on their handles. Also, need of hour to provide clients approx. 3-5 interview opportunities in a month so that it creates brand awareness for clients.

There can be more activities like planning 2-3 events per month for clients with constitutive titles. Also, Pitching influencers and bloggers to engage our product or services on social media platforms is also a PR plan activity to keep in mind for utilizing every possible platform.

There is digital marketing where new products announcement can be done through running paid campaigns with help of digital media to target the right audience. While doing this,try to collaborate with prevalent Bloggers and You Tubers for increasing the impression of the brand.