This year is marking the history of the world not only by facing the impact of the pandemic COVID19 and the crisis it generates, but also by the digital transformation that people and companies are experiencing. The behavior of all of us had to change in view of the scenario we live in, the relationship we have with other people has changed, our habits and routines have also changed. We are adapting to the “new normal” of society at a time of pandemic, the main tasks of our day-to-day activities such as locomotion, food, education, work, shopping and entertainment were and are being remodeled in accordance with regulation and decree of protection of the ministry of health. Entrepreneurs feel a great loss in their revenues with weak sales of their products and services, due to social isolation and the economic crisis, many consumers guard against buying and investing at this time. 

In search of solutions that support them, we observe an increase in the interest of companies in digital marketing agency , they began to see the importance of digital marketing for the survival of their business in the market. Companies started to migrate more strongly to this marketing strategy, professionals from different areas began to qualify more about this segment in order to be able to meet the needs and tasks of their work. It is essential for a new company to start the process of starting a company already with good communication and marketing planning structured in its business plan, if at the beginning of operations a company builds a solid base of digital communication with its niche, in times of crisis, like this one, it will be prepared to serve its customers best form. 

Today we can classify several advantages that the service of a good digital marketing adds to the life of a company, being small, medium or large and of any segment, investing in this strategy will only increase your profits. The interest in these services is not in vain, we can find companies that work to communicate the sales of their products and services only in digital, having 100% of sales online.


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