Have you already bored with SEO TOOLS? Still, you are fighting to get relevant information without paying a penny. You are at right place to read, understand and apply the same tools to get high ranking and creating your brand in the market by pushing completion behind. So today is to know about 5 SEO Tools which mostly are easy to use for starting fresh SEO Project. You will learn about new tools that will help you in Off-Page and On-Page SEO. There is a perception that SEO is easy to work to do but it isn’t. Due to having a feeling of helplessness about unable to generate required queries and lead for sustainable brand. Sometimes marketers are able to do rank the keywords on a first page in SEO (It is like Much cry, little wool) but If keywords will not do good or non-high-volume keywords. In view of the fact that you are not targeting your key customers by using used keywords. The first tip to remember before starting any SEO project is well-deserved brand-related keyword research. As if, content is king in SEO so the keyword is Queen.

Top 5 on the first page and fast & better result for all of this, you need to have online tools.
These are the following tools mentioned below-

Robin Gupta
Must have heard about Robin Gupta (www.robingupta.com)? Because it is the best tool for checking DA (Domain Authority), PA(Page Authority) and Moz Rank. There are many tools which are providing the same solution but my experience with Robin Gupta since 2017 is learning about SEO and SMO. Personally, It is best way to check any Domain Authority and Page Authority checking, Link Building, Blog Review, and Article Submission, etc. But these are paid services & you have to pay for it. Yes! But for checking Domain and Page Authority I prefer it will be best tool for you.

Why have you invested ample of money without checking its current SEO situation of the website?
If your brand is not performing by using too many plugins and proper paid SEO tools then there is high issue about the practice of doing the SEO. By this tool, marketer can check SEO analysis tool which gives you an SEO Report of website. There are many online marketers using it to checking errors, bugs, technical issues, and Reporting. In the free trial, it will not show you full report but you will get insights that will be very helpful for your website’s SEO.

GT Metrix
So your website is loading slow or taking too much time to open first page of the website. If yes, then fix it up by using GT Metrix. This tool is for checking website speed and page scores to understand the health of the website, It has many functions to play big roles like speed and performance optimization opportunities. It also helps you to understand why your website page is slow or taking too much time while loading on different devices. Apart from this, it is a very convenient tool for making SEO Report or Website Analysis/Auditing Report and Fixing Bugs, Issues and makes your website faster.

Small SEO Tools
This one is not a tool actually! it is a website bunch of SEO tools where you get all about SEO solutions. Various SEOs activities comparable like Text Content Tools, Images Editing Tools, Keywords Tools, and Backlink Tools, etc. for checking your website health. To help with this website you can accomplish many tasks and activities of SEO easily.

Have you used Alexa? If No, do it now. It is new technology revolution, which is a big platform providing top SEO solutions and ideas by giving direct keywords and understanding about competitive keywords. Alexa has keyword reports analysis, SEO analysis, popularity and visibility for checking the website. It shows you Global and Country Rank of your website Alexa ranking checker does Competitive Analysis where Alexa shows you Easy-to-Rank keywords and much more.